West Virginia Health Care Authority

CON Standards

​​​​Certificate of Need Standards

W.Va. Code § 16-2D-6 states that the Authority shall coordinate the collection of information needed to allow the state agency to develop recommended modifications to the CON standards, and file with the Secretary of State, for publication in the state register, a notice of proposed action, including the text of all proposed amendments and modifications, and a date, time and place for receipt of general public comment. The Authority may hold a public hearing or schedule a public comment period for the receipt of written statements or documents.

All proposed amendments and modifications, including a record of the public hearing or written statements and documents received pursuant to a public comment period, must be presented to the Governor. Within thirty days of receiving the proposed amendments or modifications, the Governor shall either approve or disapprove all or part of the amendments and modifications.

Certificate of Need Standards

 In addition to the services listed above, the Authority may develop/revise CON standards for other proposed health services set forth in W.Va. Code §16-2D-8.

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