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Background Material

West Virginia State Health Plan Background Material

In developing the State Health Plan, the HCA commissioned papers with specific guidelines for each of the nine strategic issues from three in-state consultants and three out-of-state consultants. The purpose of these papers was to provide the HCA with information to enable us to draft the State Health Plan. The authors' papers are very insightful and provide extremely valuable information specific to West Virginia. Therefore, the papers are published on our website for your use and information. These papers are the work of the individual authors, do not necessarily represent the views of the HCA, and are not part of the official State Health Plan. The authors assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in their reports.

Technical difficulties prevented the conversion of the maps, charts and tables submitted for each State Health Plan issue paper developed by MacQuest Consulting to the software used by the HCA in developing the Internet version of the 2000-2002 State Health Plan. Complete and submit the on-line form to request a hardcopy of the attachments to these issue papers.

  1. Promotion of a Coordinated Health Care System
    Tom Piper
  2. Access
    Tom Piper
    Cecil Pollard, West Virginia University
  3. Financing and Cost
    Tom Piper
    Graham Atkinson, Ph.D.
  4. Accountability
    Tom Piper
    The Pacific Health Policy Group
    Accountability Measures
  5. Quality of Care
    Tom Piper
    Mary Emmett, Ph.D. Camcare Health Education and Research Institute
  6. At-Risk Populations
    Tom Piper
  7. Public Health
    Tom Piper
    Nancy Tolliver, Tolliver Consulting
  8. Rural Health
    Tom Piper
    Cecil Pollard (by Turner Goins, Ph.D.), West Virginia University
  9. Coordinated Health-Related Information Networks
    Tom Piper