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Health Care Financial Disclosure

​The West Virginia Health Care Authority is responsible for the collection of information required under the W. Va. Code § 16-29B-24.

Originally, only hospitals and nursing homes were required to submit financial disclosure until there was an amendment in 1991 that added kidney disease treatment centers, ambulatory health care facilities, ambulatory surgical facilities, home health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, health maintenance organizations, behavioral health centers, and related organizations. In 1996, hospice facilities were added.

In 2017, the legislature made significant changes to the financial disclosure requirements. The following types of health care providers are required to submit financial disclosure: hospitals; behavioral health facilities; kidney disease treatment centers, including a free-standing hemodialysis unit; ambulatory health care facilities; ambulatory surgical facilities; home health agencies; rehabilitation facilities; community mental health or intellectual disability facilities, whether under public or private ownership or as a profit or nonprofit organization and whether or not licensed or required to be licensed, in whole or in part, by the state; and, community-based primary care centers.

Skilled nursing facilities and hospice agencies are no longer required to submit financial disclosure. Related organizations are only required to submit if requested to do so by the Authority.

Please see the tab entitled “Disclosure Requirements” for the updated financial disclosure requirements.

The financial disclosure information is used in the Certificate of Need program pursuant to the review of an application. All of the information collected is available for public inspection, with the exception of any UB data that directly or indirectly identify patients.

Most documents are available on the Authority's on-line document management system.

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