West Virginia Health Care Authority

About the West Virginia Health Care Authority

    The Health Care Cost Review Authority (HCCRA) was created by the Legislature in 1983 as an autonomous agency within state government. The HCCRA became known as the West Virginia Health Care Authority (WVHCA), in 1997. The WVHCA’s mission is to gather information on health care costs, develop a system of cost control and ensure accessibility to appropriate acute care services.

    The WVHCA is governed by a three member board. This board renders decisions on Certificate of Need matters, develops statewide health care policy, and is responsible for oversight of agency programs, including the Rural Health Systems Grants Program.

    The agency is responsible for many programs to carry out its mission. The Certificate of Need program currently available in 36 states plus the District of Columbia helps to prevent the unnecessary duplication of reviewable services and to contain or reduce increases in the cost of delivering reviewable services by determining, prior to the development of the service, whether that service is needed in the particular market.

    The Financial Analysis Division is responsible for financial research and analysis and the collection of financial disclosure requirements from approximately 450 facilities. Financial disclosure requirements include financial, operational and utilization information. Financial disclosure is collected from hospitals, nursing homes, behavioral health centers, primary care centers, home health agencies, hospice agencies, renal dialysis centers and ambulatory surgery centers. The data collected by the Financial Analysis Division supports the Certificate of Need program by providing needed data. Data collected by the Financial Analysis Division is available to the public.

    The Clinical Analysis Division is responsible for collection and analysis of health care data. This data collection function supports the Certification of Need program by providing data to this program. In addition, the data collected by the Clinical Analysis program allows the agency to engage in state wide health planning.

    The Legal Division provides legal advice to the WVHCA Board, is responsible for agency contracts, and all other legal matters.

    The Information Technology Division provides important security protections for the data collected by the WVHCA and also provides day to day support for all WVHCA employees’ computer needs.

    The Privacy Division, also known as the State Privacy Office, leads the WV Executive Branch Privacy Management Team (PMT), whose mission is to facilitate West Virginia’s vision of implementing best practices and legal requirements to protect personally identifiable information. The PMT strives to improve data protection and quality and protect the privacy interests of all West Virginians. The State Privacy Office advances its goals through compliance and oversight, policy and procedure, and education and training programs, pursuant to Executive Order No. 6-06. The Privacy Division also serves as WVHCA’s Privacy Team.

    The WVHCA houses and provides support to the West Virginia Health Information Network (WVHIN). WVHIN is a public/private partnership offering services that enable the secure electronic exchange of patient health information among health care providers so that they can deliver high-quality medical care to West Virginians. Additional information can be found at www.wvhin.org.

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